Story of a Wall

well , nothing much to update really , but just feel like writting somewhere ... just not facebook .....

lets call this .... a story of a wall ....

*in the morning* 
Me : hello xxx , u look great :D 
Wall : ...... 

*in the afternoon*
Me : wow , the sun sure is bright and hot here ... 
Wall : ..... 

*in the night*
Me : good night , wall ~ 
Wall : ..... 

in the end .... i feel like an idiot :(

The garden @ Viva Home & Ideas

Sis birthday , so well , just let go that stupid accident for the moment

Went to the garden @ viva home .... well , tat place is kinda cold ...
(sorry no pic this time , din bring camera and iphone running low on batt)

just my two cent , do order the pasta (much bigger) , not the chicken chop .... the portion is kinda small ....
my imagination kinda tell .... like the size of iPhone + 1 inch longer ...ya around there ....
taste wise , kinda above average ( or else it dun justify the price at all ) ....
while the decoration look nice, but if you are to look into detail , it seem rather cheapo .... (include the chair and table)

~~~~~~      +++      ~~~~~~

then i saw bean bag~ .... suddenly i have an idea such as ....

lets say your house is kinda minimalist style ... and oh damn , you dun have enough chair for the guests ....

then *tada* .... you have a hidden wall which store those mini polythene ball which allow u to fill a bean bag fast ~
(hope there is an easy way , like just poke it  then got some mechanism, like a valve to allow easy operation , oh and it should be easy to extract from it too )
*tada* , instant Bean Bag chair  !~

while u can say why not a hidden wall full of bean bag then ? it will fall when u open it if pile too high

plus if in large amount , suppose it should save some space ( hopefully it can be small in size)
and lets say if the bean bag got dirty , it allow you to get it to laundry easier ~
or allow u to change style always too ~

well just an idea :)

Victim (Pointless Whiner)

there is this lady driving white myvi , suddenly emergency brake in front of us for no apparent reason , and the car in front of her is at least 3 metre away .While i look up , the shadow movement is like she is trying to tie her hair up , should have lost focus while doing so resulting emergency brake

We emergency brake in time to avoid any sereve damage,  we felt nothing , and see no visible damage or anything , while she felt a slight hump , enough to cause her scare ( but plz do considerate while u making emergency brake, the person behind u to follow will be more scared , imagine the risk to bear the cost and higher chance of dead , higher damage cause to car, higher chance to get sanwich by the car behind, if worse would be a lorry , i bet the person behind u will be x10 more worry than u are , note the car behind us is kinda big too

while she make stop near the accident , we thought she is relative of the accident victim , then we drove off , since there is no visible damage ...

at the junction further up , she chase us over and urge we do go down and negotiate .... well .... we can dare say we did nth wrong , so why not , test your car all you like .... even the bumper look undamage ...
(wow , "semangat-ness" but it is just thin line that cross to "idiocy" and "pointless-ness" because we kinda confirm she get down the damage of her car ) 

then she said she din get bang in the back before .... while it is the top part of the bumper which have paint chip off , not the middle (the most outer layer) , make more sense if the middle layer is damage ....

she even said scare the bonnet cannot be open later .... well , ya possible , and it is fine too , after that she still saying we should stop by and kinda threaten us saying police took down the car plate number ? (make me think later what if it was initially spoil in the first place)

she say she is not going to make an report , then ok , fine , why threaten us with the police taking down the car plate number when there is no apparent damage to the car ? while after i get back home to think , rather easy to frame someone if the car is really spoil in the first place ....
(now i know that , despite being soft voice , it is kinda like an attitude problem plus kinda lack of common sense too , perhaps too semangat )

may be each of us should keep a " Accident 101 " in the car some where .... (preferable easy to spot)

- ensure safety around the car before getting off
- take the picture of the others person + their contact
- take the damage part ( the car plate number with the car too if possible) 

that should be done by all party to prevent any misconduct later :)

argh, god Buddha , can't you make Malaysia a better place .... kinda pity ... blessed free from disaster but still not developed


well , it is quite a while since i last update this blog , hahaha , been super lazy , well , today is a fine day and kinda plain to me too TT 

wish that i can go out , but just dunno who to ask , sigh 

well, what happen so far since i last update hmmmmm , been quite long and a lot happen 

i have my job , i get a DSLR already , preparing for future , made bunch of friend at working place 

Friends leaving to UK for study ( or play) is gone and back XD 

When to Universal Studio Singapore for a trip since there is free 2 night stay in hotel <3 
but really , the restaurant there is kinda expensive ( as in those dining in Resort World Sentosa) 

So far the experience is great ( if u dun matter about spending it will be even better i guess =p ) 
Even have firework at night ~ weee , but i guess there is still something new there

some teaser , the night view of the lake

the roller coaster , sure it look fun , but it is close~ argh~

Like this pic , and the board XD , notice the "s" and the "fiona" face is added on later ? XD

Waterworld , if u are in wet / splash zone , be ready to get wet , there are ppl to make sure u get a lil wet (ps : umbrella dun help much ) , many water , many explosion , well u know they cannot real punch , so well , overall quite nice , worth the experience (to get wet) XD

no smoking , even for "dino" XD

Fireworks~~~  Always look amazing XD

others than DSLR , this is what keep me poor , argh

And here is a sample : )
Dumb looking , but hyper active and naughty Sushi 

The End~ hahaha

Brussel Beer Cafe @ Jalan Ampang

hmmm , day look so normally suddenly , so .... asked ppl out for yam cha~ weeee 

nich say there is new branch of
Brussel which he wanted us to go (last time) some much ....
so i go ahead , since i am boring =p 

so there is the st.john gang only this time round , since nich can't make it for both day , lol 

since it is "beer" cafe , how can we not order beer XD .... ( but hey , they do serve a lot of others thing too , not only beer XD ) , u can find kinda variety of beer over there too : ) 

here is a few we ordered .... 

Light and fruity flavour, almost taste like shandy to me , lol .... only if this is langkawi i would order another cup XD

Leffe Brune
( since chee hoe said hoegarden too light)
Taste like malta ( i dun drink stout usually so forgive me XD )
a bit of bitterness after taste but it is smooth and kinda sweet,
quite nice

 Stella Artois
This beer is nice too , nt as easy to drink as hoegarden
but sure is more flavourful compare to carlsberg and etc 

 And some Fries to go with the beer =p 
(serve with some kind of garlic sauce and mayo , it is nice~ )

oh, i din get a picture of the pork burger , but it is seriously nice =p 
may be should try to have lunch there next time : ) 

p/s : had yam cha session with khey the others night too , lets gossip more next time we meet , wakakakaka

Late Update

hmmm , haven been updating my blog lately , hahaha .....
just feeling lazy again ... i guess u get it =p

Last week went to Levain for yam cha session with Nicholas , too bad Doris can't come , wakakakakaka (opps , why am i laughing? =p )

hmmm , well , not bad , some photo taken ....

(got " love " shape on the foam , lol , but dun really taste nice i feel :x)  

Crispy pizza 
(careful , the olive have seed XD )

Almond Croissant

Fried noodle bread ~
it doesn't taste bad , erm ...rather unique texture and kinda nice .... 
well ... wanted to have yakisoba bread still XD

Erm , forget the japanese name , but it is marinated fish roe bread .... 
the banquet is a lil hard for me , but nevertheless very crispy 
guess i dun like fish roe that much =p 

Movie : Prince of Persia

Since Shrek : Forever After was skipped last week, so we can watch Prince of Persia this week 

Image taken from

well , kc said it seem to cut cost a lil by disney , so some effect were skipped and the main actor are not so popular ? .... 
but what i can say is .... the movie is not bad, action packed and the effect is not that bad as well , can recommend ppl to watch this , hahaha , but i think it din quite follow the game version , dunno it will have trilogy or not =p 
oh , there is a complain from us though , the "button" on the dagger look so cheap , was expecting a nice sparking jewel for it 

Game : Assassin's Creed II

 And to continue the action packed scene, i been playing Assassin's Creed II for few day already ....
and finally finished it~ weeee 
the plot for Templar(bad ass in the game) and the Assassins ( the good guy ^^ ) are kinda nice ... kinda suck in by it , hahahaha .... and what else of non stop parkour action with stealth kill ~
Seriously a nice game :) * nich is still addicted to it *

and love the motto of assassin too XD
" Nothing is true , everything is permitted "
 Requiescat in Pace (Rest in Peace) after each killing 

PS: To all those (u all pandai pandai tahu siapa la ) taking MISCA or going to UK , all the best ^^

Return of the BLACK

My lunch today again ... featuring the remaining piece of charcoal bread XD

this time with Vanilla Ice Cream ~ (the bread is toasted but since it is black , cannot see the sign of toasted XD )

short review about murni , din took any photo though :x ....
went to murni around 9pm , and it is fully seated already , waited for a while to get a seat, had some problem looking for the board as well , since the sign board is not illuminated =.="

well , ordered , roti hawaii and roti bekham (i heard bacon = p)

the roti hawaii have sausage, mince meat, and etc, u could ask the ppl there = p
taste quite nice , it remind me a lil of ramlee burger though as there is hint of worchester sauce =p

then as for roti bekham ( sorry no bacon :( ) there is tuna , chicken ham and egg in it .... the portion look small , but those meat and mayo , etc , sure make u stuffed ....

recommended by others are ... the steak , mee raja and the claypot lou shu fun , spaghetti carbonara  din get to try those thought, and their portion is even more scary than the roti ....

what i can say is all the portion are huge : x .... so well the slight high price kinda justify for it .....

there serve drinks too .... many ordered blended special , such as ribena , mango , etc .... look nice , i ordered orange juice so i dunno of them XD

saw the "pre - blended " mango kinda disgusting there .... ur call to order it or not = p

another tips is ...go there later~ there will open more table outside ... as i think less noisy , more comfortable outside XD around 10-11pm i think

update : langkawi picture is up ^^